The Life Of Beijing Escorts

Beijing City is a vibrant and explosive metropolis, about which countless articles, novels and memoirs have been written. I won’t elaborate on the already over-prosed history of the city of Beijing, its statue de liberte.

Rather, I’m going to hone in on a specific demographic of individuals residing in the city, a topic I’ve researched in great detail for several years. The so called ‘elite escorts’ or high class companions. I’ll then drill down even further to a very select few, the upper echelons of the elite, those known as courtesans, not only by name but by conduct. It’s easy to label oneself with a pretty title, but living up to that reputation is a whole other kettle of fish!

Generally, Beijing escorts are students, businesswomen, strippers, housewives, flight attendants and models/ actresses, who are available for visits to your hotel or home. You place a call to the agency, book an hour or two of her time, and she’ll arrive in 30-60 minutes for you to enjoy some of her company for that time. She’s generally ‘on call’ most of the time, and can accept a booking at short notice, because her career or study commitments, if any, aren’t particularly demanding on her time. She may not have any close family who is there to keep an eye on her or see her regularly. Generally (but not always), these will tend to be the lower socio-economic group, and those with unresolved psychological or childhood issues.

A higher end escort will be more accomplished in her career, so she’ll require appointments to meet you. She most definitely won’t be sitting on call, waiting for bookings. She’ll have commitments to her career or studies, and potentially a fairly active social life. Booking a date a day or three ahead will allow you to meet the model you have in mind. A dinner invitation is generally understood as part of meeting women of this caliber, and she will usually have minimum booking times, as opposed to booking by-the-hour.

A top luxury escort, or the elite courtesan, as it were, will be the woman who emulates the previous escort, however she places a higher fee on her time, as she has a lot more to offer. She will usually be adept at playing a musical instrument, be multilingual, and hail from a very well-bred heritage. Apart from being well traveled, she will have extensive knowledge of history, art, literature, wines. She will be exceptionally well groomed, with a high quality, very modest and discreet wardrobe. She will never be seen teetering in “hooker heels”, with an over-filled face, sporting tattoos or rolling drunk. These are the most refined, eloquent and accomplished women available in the industry. It is on these lovely gems that my focus will fall.

The daily life of an elite courtesan escort involves a lot of self-care and grooming. Regardless of her career status (usually an accomplished model, actress, artist, academic or other vip level individual), she will usually begin her day with Yoga or a ballet workout. After showering, she’ll ingest a very high quality breakfast of protein and vitamins, while catching up on the headlines; current affairs are always important to her, so she can form an opinion and hold intelligent discussions with her elite gentlemen friends.

She may then attend to some career commitments or study, and at some point will have an appointment for a facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing, tanning, body scrub, massage, hairdresser etc – all things she attends to in order to maintain her flawless image.

Later she’ll have a light lunch; tuna or chicken salad, perhaps a soup or some fish. She may indulge in further physical activity, walking, running or gym, and any personal commitments she has. She’ll always make time at night to read, as she’s generally hungry for knowledge. When she’s not traveling, she’s reading about other cities and cultures. She’s usually fascinated by history, and is often physically affected by art and classic performances such as ballet, opera, symphonies and theatre.

Her day may conclude by catching up with friends, or sleeping early, unless she has an appointment. If so, she’ll have spent most of her day at the salon, preening and perfecting every part of herself to be in the finest possible condition to meet her lovely caller. She holds genuine care for each gentleman she meets, and her company is never rushed or robotic. She embodies the very essence of the courtesan, and as such, makes for a superb luxury travel companion.

When booked as a travel companion, she is always kept in five star accommodations as she is accustomed to in her own life. Her grooming regime does not pause while she is on vacation with someone, and her attention to detail does not wane. Her gentlemen provide her with whatever she requires, to be happy and comfortable, and she in turn is there for him. What a lovely way to see the world, and be paid tens of thousands of dollars at the same time! Talk about earning from something you love… A charmed life indeed.

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