Sadly, there are thousands and thousands of agencies using fake photos. Some are using them for the discretion of their top model ladies, others use them to deceive people and will then send someone who barely resembles the lovely image. To avoid this, the nest thing to do is to ask for an introduction video. A brief video of the lady saying hi, is not possible to ‘fake’, so you can be sure the lady in the video will be the one who arrives – and if not, you’ll know instantly.

An escort girl can be made to look like a super model with photoshop retouching in photos, but she can’t look that different on video, even with a face full of makeup and great lighting! : ) If video is not provided by at least a few of the models, then you can ask for some ‘selfies’, which are photos the model escort has taken of herself. She may have held the phone up to take a photo directly, or she may take a photo of herself in the mirror – either way, this will be a more realistic image of the lady who will arrive to meet you.

In the worst case, when the lady arrives, if you don’t like her, simply let her know you’ve changed your mind, and contact the agency (or another one!) to book a different lady. State again that you want an authentic representation of the lady you’re going to meet, not some pretty fake photos. They should oblige, or else cancel the booking and call an agency with more integrity.

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