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Ways to protect your privacy with an elite escort agency

September 15th, 2017 — 7:52am

When you use a luxury escort dating agency, assuming it is a high-quality one, your privacy is of the utmost importance. The reputation of the agency depends on good match-making experience, and providing discretion at all times. They should be focused on creating the perfect match for people, not on making as much money as possible. Choose your agency very carefully. Some agencies may charge less, but you need to be aware of their processes and how they value their clients privacy. Others may charge more, and again only be doing so to increase their income or attract high-end clients they can then blackmail. The very worst ones will write “tell all” books about their clients.. Very indiscreet and common.

A reputable, high end companion agency will do thorough background checks on all their ladies, as well as ensuring that they sign confidentiality agreements. This guarantees quality as well as the fact that they are committed to protecting their clients. The agencies at this level are few and far between, so do your research and look for the ones which actively strive for excellence. You can usually tell by the way their emails are responded to. Anyone can pay for a high end website, but having the day-to-day quality in actual operations will tell you whether they are genuinely elite or not. One-line responses or no response will obviously tell you what you need to know… Seek out the agency which obviously makes an effort to take their business seriously. This is usually an exact reflection of how they will treat your privacy also.

Information about you in the wrong hands could potentially cause a lot of harm. In a world where a lot of our details are stored online, we are vulnerable and we need to take as many precautions as possible, regardless of the sensitivity of our status, or lack thereof.  Does the agency keep records?  A high quality agency will not retain records of your appointments, unless they do so under a very discreet username for some kind of membership or point system. Real names and details of your appointments should never be kept.

Do they sell your details to third party marketing companies? Choose an agency which guarantees to keep your email and details 100% confidential.  Are your payments taken via secure methods? Don’t leave yourself open to any risk. Select an agency who personally processes any credit card transactions via their company merchant account, or uses secure private methods such as Paypal. Sometimes a more discreet option like direct bank transfer can be wise. Make sure you know the agency is reputable before sending any amounts of cash to their bank account.  Also check that the company’s name is discreet. Any account under the name of  beijing escorts/ adult titles should obviously be avoided.


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hire a sports car to give her the ride of her life

June 5th, 2017 — 12:21pm

If you want your date to be a memorable one, hire a sports car to give her the ride of her life. Will it pay dividends though..? Is all that expense and time really worth it? Read on to find out.

How To Arrange It
Think about what kind of car you will be confident driving, and look around for the best sports cars. Most elite car rental companies will have high end sports cars for hire, and our elite date will be just as gorgeous as the car – you’ll be in beauty-heaven! Whether for the day or for a few weeks’ road trip, the thrill cannot beat.

You can go anywhere you want – perhaps a picnic near the beach, or an adventure in the country – wherever the road takes you! Either way, your date will be delighted to share in the adventure. Just be sure to let her know beforehand where you are headed, so she can prepare for the day. If you book her time through an introduction agency like Mynt Models®, legally you will also need to make the agency aware of where you will be taking her. But that’s a simple enough task for a day of absolute relaxing bliss. Sound worth it yet..?

Approach a Company
To hire a sports vehicle you will need to approach a company that leases high end cars, then arrange the lease. Of course, you will need to have ID, and there will probably be a hefty (refundable) deposit. There are many sports cars available to choose from such as a Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, or Aston Martin. Your date will feel absolutely spoiled with the luxury that a sports car has to offer and the thrill of the adventure ahead.

A high-performance car is most definitely a status symbol, and you will be the envy of everyone else as you cruise along in your amazing car, with your even more beautiful date. Imagine pulling up to the restaurant or club in a stunning Lamborghini, or flying down the highway in a sparkling Maserati?

Don’t Get Too Carried Away
Try not to get too carried away with the awesomeness of the car and forget about your gorgeous companion! Make sure to involve her as much as you can. She might even jump at the chance to take over the wheel. As long as you have third party insurance, everything should be fine… But more often than not, she will be quite happy to allow herself to be chauffeured by you to your destination. She has just as much pleasure being helped out of a luxury car, and being seen with you, a luxury-car-driver!

A shared, thrilling experience such as hiring a sports car will bring you closer together as you spend time getting to know each other under such exhilarating circumstances. You will be creating amazing memories, to cherish forever. It’s the beginning of an unforgettable day. If you don’t feel like doing all the driving, you could consider booking a chauffeur, leaving you free to devote all your attention to your beautiful companion. You’ll also be able to enjoy a drink or two en route! You can relish all the amazing sights together and relax as your driver takes control.

Of course, for the more affluent gentlemen, this entire process will be unnecessary, as he probably owns more than one luxury vehicle, and can arrange for his driver to take him and his date out anytime – but if you are still on your way up, remember, it’s ok to ‘fake it til you make it’. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with creating an image or impression, until you have the ability to make it permanent. Enjoy your life, it’s very short.

In short, is hiring a sports car really worth it? The answer is, a resounding YES!

From: beijing escort | beijing massage | beijing escorts

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World’s best technique to getting a woman to come on vacation with you!

March 8th, 2017 — 7:30am

If you’re planning a weekend away, it is certainly more fun when you have a beautiful female travel companion with you! Why would anyone want to travel alone, without someone to enjoy it with? And if you’re having trouble getting someone to join you for your trip, there is one sure-fire way to get a gorgeous female on a weekend date with you!

If you have never thought of using the services of a high end dating agency, then it might be time to consider it. It is a solution used by many a celebrity, CEO, VIP and executive, to simplify the dating process. Of course you can’t just use any introduction dating or escort agency, you need to know the finest quality ones, who specialize in only the most elite and high class women. Not just those who say they do, or advertise the right way…

If you have utilized an introduction escort service, you might be thinking that you’d like to do a bit more on your dates than just dinner or afternoons of romance. If you are thinking of asking a beautiful date to join you for a weekend, you’ll have to consider some things beforehand. It is a big step, as well as a break from the everyday, and you will want to do everything right to ensure it goes well. Number one will be the compatibility between you and your companion!

Before you even think of asking her, make sure you’ve been on at least two or three regular dates, and that you get along really well. The girls in an beijing escort introduction agency are well versed in making the environment enjoyable and pleasant, but you want to ensure your personalities don’t clash. Spend some time getting to know how she feels about certain cultures, and what her favorite cities & holiday destinations are. Gently establish if she has any holiday time coming up, and if she has already made any plans. No doubt she will be delighted to join on an exciting and romantic trip out of town.

Politely ask her if she’d consider letting you take her away on a little vacation. If she says it might be difficult, don’t argue or object, just respect her decision. She doesn’t need to disclose her reasons to you and there could be many – pets, parental obligations, work commitments, personal commitments, perhaps she doesn’t feel comfortable enough yet.. She’ll let you know when she’s ready. It doesn’t necessary mean that she doesn’t like you, or even that she doesn’t want to go.

On the other hand, if she says yes – fantastic! You can spend lots of time making plans and discussing where you would both like to go together. Or perhaps you already have things planned, so let her know about it, and reassure her that she can have her own room if she needs it. (For eg, if you snore, or she is a little modest, then of course she will require her own room to be able to sleep comfortably. She must feel comfortable as your guest, and be able to sleep properly.)

Reassure her that you will make her enjoyment a priority, as she will be making your enjoyment her #1 priority. Make sure you make all bookings directly with the agency, to avoid any problems. In fact often the agency can make all the arrangements for both of you, at no extra charge. They are extremely experienced at these things, after all!!

You can enjoy the sights of a beautiful city together, without the hassle of a demanding girlfriend or annoying arguments. Experiences are best enjoyed with someone whose company you enjoy. Have fun and relax!

It might also help to know that your date could possibly accompany you on future business trips. This arrangement will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial to you, in many ways! Imagine each time you travel, your capable, beautiful travel companion joins you to help you with paperwork, shopping, your schedule in general. Then accompanies you to events, dinner dates, or afternoons under the palm trees. Make some memories you will have when you’re old 🙂


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iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway

December 19th, 2016 — 2:29am

iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway

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November 25th, 2016 — 1:28am

If you are tossing up whether or not to start dating again after a divorce, you aren’t the only one. You wonder if you’re ready? Will it be uncomfortable or awkward? Will your children have a problem with it, is it too soon? Do you have the right wardrobe and knowledge? Where does one even go to meet women anymore? What is new in dating?elite escort

All these are some of many common questions that go through one’s head after breaking up from a long term relationship or marriage. Feeling unsure and even somewhat scared is totally normal. Jumping back into the dating scene can be daunting to say the least. However, the feeling of connecting with someone is pretty nice. The beautiful exchange of energies, the comfort, affection, care, laughs.

With some experience, we can assure you that there is life after divorce. 🙂 Some of the benefits and positives of dating again are discussed in this article. We’re also adding in some solutions at the end on how to ease back into the dating pond – one toe at a time! 😉

Benefits of Dating After Divorce

Many divorcees find that having a simple, authentic conversation with someone who is actually interested in you is pure bliss. Imagine the pleasure of a conversation without sarcasm, criticism, argument, accusation or other toxic reactions. A beautiful woman sits opposite you, twinkling eyes, mischievous smile, laughing at your jokes, wondering what your kiss feels like, wanting to know more about you… It’s pretty good for the ego, and a great way to build your confidence. Kissing someone new is pretty exciting too!  Ahhh the anticipation of a first kiss.. The stomach butterflies when she moves closer and you smell her perfume.. Perfume she wore just for you..

Imagine when dating now, you know all the signs of exactly what you DON’T want in a partner.

You aren’t committed to anyone – you can date as many or as few women as you like, to get accustomed to your masculinity again. Not that we encourage being a ‘player’, but the freedom that comes from dating after divorce can be quite thrilling, and go a long way to building your confidence again. Even if not dating, you’re free to interact with and talk to any women you like, with no obligation to anyone. As you get to know other people, you get to know yourself again. And that delicious, wonderful moment when you realize you are feeling a connection again.

Enjoy spending time with someone who respects you, appreciates what you do, and doesn’t expect more from you than what you’re willing to give. Often dating someone else/ others and receiving that kind of respect and validation can really bring home the fact that this divorce/ breakup was the best thing you could have done. It can remind you of just how little your former partner really did appreciate you, and make the whole experience much easier to handle. Being with someone who you know is ‘into you’ too is quite intoxicating and deeply healing.

If you have children, you can enjoy some time away from them in mature adult company. Too many parents lose their identity and lose touch with their sensuality and passion, by submitting to ‘parent’ role. You are still a vibrant, vital, virile person!  Stay out dancing all night, drink a little too much, make all the noise you want when you get home. It can be quite liberating.

Flirtation! The pleasure of anticipation and teasing, the wonderful experience of feeling desirable to someone again will make all those little aches go away. 🙂

Solutions After Divorce

To slowly ease your way back into dating, we recommend meeting with a professional dater, who will know exactly how to make the evening go smoothly, overlook any fumbles, bring you up to speed on the latest dos and don’ts in social dating, fill you in on all your good points so you can work them, and who won’t expect a single thing from you. A well bred and elegant escort will never make you feel like you are with a paid companion. It will feel exactly like any other date because she is like any other woman. She’s just more savvy with communication and knows just what you need to feel comfortable. There is no obligation for anything but the experience itself.

Another way to ease into things is to approach an introduction agency. Many gentlemen seek professional match making these days, as this eliminates all the trawling through possibilities, awkward dates and embarrassing fix-ups from friends. A quality introduction agency will match women to your specific preferences, so you don’t waste your time. (But don’t waste your time on a mediocre introduction service, as you may only meet unsuitable women. Many general introduction agencies recruit as many women as possible, and will basically arrange meetings for you with whatever women they have on their books.)

Internet dating as a possibility, although this to can be fraught with exhausting searches, many of which are made up of false photos and incorrect ages and heights… Be very careful with who you meet online also, as these are strangers. You need to protect yourself.

Finally when you’ve enjoyed a few dates with people who are accustomed to dating, you will be poised to ask someone out; or indeed make your current dating relationship more serious, long-term or permanent. Some men keep their elite escort mistress on retainer for weekly or monthly meetings or bring her to business trips or vacations as a travel companion. Others find themselves quite beguiled by their date, and can approach the agency about the possibility of dating her exclusively (ie she will not meet with any other gentlemen, and enter into a full time agreement with you).

Rest assured, re-entering the dating scene doesn’t have to be so scary, when you allow loving and compassionate people to hold your hand and guide you through to your own path of independence and confidence!



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November 4th, 2016 — 3:08am

Sadly, there are thousands and thousands of agencies using fake photos. Some are using them for the discretion of their top model ladies, others use them to deceive people and will then send someone who barely resembles the lovely image. To avoid this, the nest thing to do is to ask for an introduction video. A brief video of the lady saying hi, is not possible to ‘fake’, so you can be sure the lady in the video will be the one who arrives – and if not, you’ll know instantly.

An escort girl can be made to look like a super model with photoshop retouching in photos, but she can’t look that different on video, even with a face full of makeup and great lighting! : ) If video is not provided by at least a few of the models, then you can ask for some ‘selfies’, which are photos the model escort has taken of herself. She may have held the phone up to take a photo directly, or she may take a photo of herself in the mirror – either way, this will be a more realistic image of the lady who will arrive to meet you.

In the worst case, when the lady arrives, if you don’t like her, simply let her know you’ve changed your mind, and contact the agency (or another one!) to book a different lady. State again that you want an authentic representation of the lady you’re going to meet, not some pretty fake photos. They should oblige, or else cancel the booking and call an agency with more integrity.

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The Life Of Beijing Escorts

October 16th, 2016 — 12:52pm

Beijing City is a vibrant and explosive metropolis, about which countless articles, novels and memoirs have been written. I won’t elaborate on the already over-prosed history of the city of Beijing, its statue de liberte.

Rather, I’m going to hone in on a specific demographic of individuals residing in the city, a topic I’ve researched in great detail for several years. The so called ‘elite escorts’ or high class companions. I’ll then drill down even further to a very select few, the upper echelons of the elite, those known as courtesans, not only by name but by conduct. It’s easy to label oneself with a pretty title, but living up to that reputation is a whole other kettle of fish!

Generally, Beijing escorts are students, businesswomen, strippers, housewives, flight attendants and models/ actresses, who are available for visits to your hotel or home. You place a call to the agency, book an hour or two of her time, and she’ll arrive in 30-60 minutes for you to enjoy some of her company for that time. She’s generally ‘on call’ most of the time, and can accept a booking at short notice, because her career or study commitments, if any, aren’t particularly demanding on her time. She may not have any close family who is there to keep an eye on her or see her regularly. Generally (but not always), these will tend to be the lower socio-economic group, and those with unresolved psychological or childhood issues.

A higher end escort will be more accomplished in her career, so she’ll require appointments to meet you. She most definitely won’t be sitting on call, waiting for bookings. She’ll have commitments to her career or studies, and potentially a fairly active social life. Booking a date a day or three ahead will allow you to meet the model you have in mind. A dinner invitation is generally understood as part of meeting women of this caliber, and she will usually have minimum booking times, as opposed to booking by-the-hour.

A top luxury escort, or the elite courtesan, as it were, will be the woman who emulates the previous escort, however she places a higher fee on her time, as she has a lot more to offer. She will usually be adept at playing a musical instrument, be multilingual, and hail from a very well-bred heritage. Apart from being well traveled, she will have extensive knowledge of history, art, literature, wines. She will be exceptionally well groomed, with a high quality, very modest and discreet wardrobe. She will never be seen teetering in “hooker heels”, with an over-filled face, sporting tattoos or rolling drunk. These are the most refined, eloquent and accomplished women available in the industry. It is on these lovely gems that my focus will fall.

The daily life of an elite courtesan escort involves a lot of self-care and grooming. Regardless of her career status (usually an accomplished model, actress, artist, academic or other vip level individual), she will usually begin her day with Yoga or a ballet workout. After showering, she’ll ingest a very high quality breakfast of protein and vitamins, while catching up on the headlines; current affairs are always important to her, so she can form an opinion and hold intelligent discussions with her elite gentlemen friends.

She may then attend to some career commitments or study, and at some point will have an appointment for a facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing, tanning, body scrub, massage, hairdresser etc – all things she attends to in order to maintain her flawless image.

Later she’ll have a light lunch; tuna or chicken salad, perhaps a soup or some fish. She may indulge in further physical activity, walking, running or gym, and any personal commitments she has. She’ll always make time at night to read, as she’s generally hungry for knowledge. When she’s not traveling, she’s reading about other cities and cultures. She’s usually fascinated by history, and is often physically affected by art and classic performances such as ballet, opera, symphonies and theatre.

Her day may conclude by catching up with friends, or sleeping early, unless she has an appointment. If so, she’ll have spent most of her day at the salon, preening and perfecting every part of herself to be in the finest possible condition to meet her lovely caller. She holds genuine care for each gentleman she meets, and her company is never rushed or robotic. She embodies the very essence of the courtesan, and as such, makes for a superb luxury travel companion.

When booked as a travel companion, she is always kept in five star accommodations as she is accustomed to in her own life. Her grooming regime does not pause while she is on vacation with someone, and her attention to detail does not wane. Her gentlemen provide her with whatever she requires, to be happy and comfortable, and she in turn is there for him. What a lovely way to see the world, and be paid tens of thousands of dollars at the same time! Talk about earning from something you love… A charmed life indeed.

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Escorts and Their Uses

September 11th, 2016 — 1:23pm

Escort services in Beijing are one of the most spoken and hottest services. People often admire these escorts of Beijing due to their sexy and sensual service. According to the people the escorts of Beijing are full of most sexy, prompt, honest, bold, genuine, intelligent and hottest babes. Among all types of escorts present in Beijing, the most happening ones are the Asian escorts. The Asian escorts have the leading share of escort business in Beijing. The Asian escorts are full of erotica and they are the kinds of sexy babes; give you the own girlfriend like pleasure and some experience of lifetime. Though these escorts are called Asian escorts, there is no restriction for the non-Asian people. All are welcomed in this world of sexual fantasy of Asian Escorts in Beijing. After reading all these, you must be wanted to know about the escorts and their uses in details. So here is all the information regarding of your query.

At first you should know what are the  beijing escort agency that generally provides the escorts to the customers! Escort agencies are the companies that are operating a special ?Booking and Dispatch Service?. The main feature of the mentioned ?Booking and Dispatch Service? is that the escort agencies temporarily provide a companion to their customers. Even they provide this service even at the house or hotel room of the customer. Another interesting service is there, offered by some of the leading escort agencies. Some of the agencies do provide the escort services for a longer period of time to. According to that scheme the companion or the companions provided by the particular escort agency will stay with the customer of that escort agency and travel along with him on a special holiday tour or a special business trip. The payment method in these escort agencies is not complex. You have to pay the fee for the companion or the escort service provided by the agency. The rate for the escort services generally seems to be varied for person to person. Online deal with the escort agencies is also possible in these days of heavy Internet days. There is another payment method available for the customers of the escort service. They can pay the fee directly to the escort, with whom they enjoyed the date. The payment depends upon the sexual attractiveness of the escorts. After that the escort agencies receive commission from the escorts.

Coming to the uses of escorts, people often mix the escorts up with the general prostitutes. Yes! This true that some of the escorts are available for some adult entertainment. But escorts are available for some other services too. The escort agencies provide beijing escort for the blind dates, party, sexy dinner, dances, some hot and sexy body message, and dancing and even for the normal dating purpose. You may enjoy the facilities of adult entertainment through escorts under any special scheme. But forcing the escorts for some adult works while you are in any other service scheme is punishable and illegal offence.

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Makings of a Good Beijing Escort

September 2nd, 2016 — 1:39am

When it comes to hiring a good Beijing escort, we somehow or the other left with dissatisfaction. This is mainly because we have our own expectations when we approach an Beijing escort agency. As most of us lack experience in this area, we really do not know what to expect and what makes a good Beijing escort. Here are few factors that will help you assess your Beijing escorts.

One of the first and the most important points to which all of us pay attention is how good looking is our escort. All of us love to be in the company of beautiful women and there is nothing wrong in that. When we are hiring escorts in Beijing, we should always check the website of the escorts company and their gallery to find beautiful looking escorts. Therefore, the first important quality of a good Beijing escort is that she should be good looking. A word of caution will only be appropriate here; beauty is very much a relative term and people have different standards. Therefore, to avoid any confusion here, you must make it a point to see the photo of the escort that you are hiring in the website gallery of your escort company.

The next important quality is the attitude of your Beijing escorts. If you happen to end up with an escort with bad attitude, then you are most likely to have a bitter experience with your escort. This is where your Beijing escort agency has a great role to play. They need to screen their escorts very carefully so that you will not have to meet escorts with bad attitude. The reputation of the Beijing escorts company is built on the attitude of the escorts they have in their team.

Your escort should have good dressing sense. You would certainly not want to hang around with an escort that is dressed in drabs. Your Beijing escort should know to present herself well and she should be attractive. They should be dressed for the occasion. They should be able to meet your requirements on the costume especially when you want to take them to parties or to other public places.

They should also have energetic and pleasing personality. They should know how to keep their customer entertained during the period hired. They should be fully present for you and not be preoccupied with their own problems. Every one has their own set of problems and issues but since you are paying for their time specifically for their company, you have the right to expect the best from them. They should know how to engage you in interesting conversation. This does not mean that they become a chatterbox and bore you the entire time. They should be sensitive to your needs and behave accordingly.

Your Beijing escort should be highly professional in her manners and at the same time, someone that if friendly whose company you will enjoy.


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An Experience to Remember-Massage Therapy Vancouver

July 16th, 2016 — 10:04am

Massage Therapy, Vancouver could be an essential part of alternative and complementary medicine for you.

Like the rest of us, you?ve surely had a headache at some point or another. And what do you automatically do when you have one? You rub your forehead even before you reach for that bottle of aspirin. Practically the same thing happens when you bang an elbow or a knee into something. It is as if you expect the pain to be magically rubbed away. And this is not surprising.

The conviction that if we rub it the pain will go away is ingrained in us. It is a reflex action born out of countless years of experience. In fact, this touching, feeling therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing practiced by man. Many Egyptian tombs bear witness to this fact in their paintings of massage therapy, as do several Chinese texts.

This simple act of rubbing or pressing, massaging, a part of your body in search of relief has developed into a scientific art. It is now looked upon as an essential part of alternative and complementary medicine. More than ever before it is now being heralded as standard treatment for a number of medical conditions, not all of them necessarily physical. Beijing Massage have also been proven beneficial in relief from pain, stress, anxiety, depression and much more.

Most salons or spas today offer a variety of massages under the skilled and knowledgeable hands of massage therapists and target various specific benefits. Are you looking for a massage in beijing that will ease and energize you? Go for the gentle Swedish massage, popular at any center of massage therapy. Breathe easy and relax as the kneading, long strokes and deep circular movements, the vibrations and tapping rejuvenate you.

Have you suffered an injury recently or not so recently, and does it still bother you? You can opt for a deep-tissue massage in which relief is brought to the connective tissues and deeper layers of muscle with slow, forceful strokes.

A sports massage, rather similar to a Swedish massage, works on treating and even preventing injuries.

Finally, a trigger point massage is geared toward dealing with the sensitive tight muscle fibers that develop in a person?s muscles as a result of overuse or injury.

Find all of these massages and more at salons offering massage therapy, Vancouver.

To each his own and once you have decided on the type of massage that suits you best or that you want, there are several things you can do to make your massage experience long-lasting and unforgettable.

Practically every salon or spa worth its name offers added attractions ? the sauna, the steam room, immersion pools and zen gardens, and, lucky you- you can take advantage of them and do everything a la Cleopatra to feel as beautiful and sensuous as she.

Then take the experience home with you and extend it into your daily routine. Use the beauty and wonders of nature to absorb even further the mesmerizing experience you have just had and make the magic last longer.


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