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Beijing Sensual Massage ? For all of you

February 12th, 2015 — 10:35am

relax_massageA sensual massage is for all of you ? your body, mind and spirit. This massage is not just a session for kneading sore muscles, but is an experience that honors and touches every part of your body.

The sensual massage will start with the massage therapist creating an emotional rapport with you and accepting every aspect of your body. She will be your guide and companion as you focus on yourself. You will have no requirements to follow or standards to maintain. The only goal will be for you to fully enjoy and experience the pleasure of your body.

Part of the body pleasure will be with the surroundings that stimulate your brain. For your nose the room will be filled with erotic scents. For your skin the massage table will be covered in a soft, smooth material. For your ears sensuous music will fill the room. For your eyes candles will glow and enhance the lingerie worn by your therapist. You will feel engulfed in sensuality. And it all will be for you, for your pleasure.

The skin is the largest sense organ of the body. It has millions of nerve endings that receive and transmit stimulus. Your massage therapist will touch your skin as she massages your all your muscles and all your body with light oil. As your blood flows and your skin warms, the fragrant essences in the oil will fill the room.

The therapist will use long, deep strokes to relax the muscles on your back, thighs, chest and arms. She will not ignore any part of your body. Her strong hands will rub and knead your buttocks and lightly caress your anus. The pleasures of a foot and knee massage will be superseded by the exquisite feel of her hands touching and feeling your upper thighs and then moving on to grasp and rub and massage your genitals.

The purpose of a sensual massage is to release, enhance and focus sexual energy. You will feel waves of sexual tension wash over your body as the therapist rubs the entire length of your penis will her slippery, smooth hands. Your testicles will touched and tickled with gentleness. The anal area and anus itself will be explored and rubbed.

A sensual massage has no goal post or home base. An erection is not required nor expected. There are no expectations, only a hope of overwhelming pleasure and sensation. Ejaculation is not a goal. One of the skills of the therapist is knowing how to prolong sexual pleasure and encouraging multiple orgasms without arriving at ejaculation. Because the focus of the tantric massage is on your pleasure and your full experience, the therapist will encourage ejaculation if that is desired.

The massage will end with your body quivering with a warm electric pleasure as the therapist envelops your body with a soft cover. This last part of the massage encourages you to relax and feel how your mind and emotions are integrated and at peace in your newly awakened body.


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