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Finding the Girls in the Best Massage Escort Agencies in beijing

April 15th, 2014 — 1:38pm

beijing escort
Beijing as a very popular destination for tourists in China, it is not only entirely preserved for its rich and famous, it does also have its special style and elegance. Because of this, there are many rich and famous people would like to come to this city to enjoy the all aspects of this city, If you are one of these people, you probably already know what better to do than enjoying the company of an elite escort? So the first step to explore this unusual city is that you need to book a top class escort during your travelling time.

As you know in beijing, you will find that there are a lot of beijing independent escort girls and professional high-class escort agencies, but if you are an influential gentleman who is concerned about issues such as privacy and discretion, it is more suitable to choose the services provided by an escort agency in beijing. A reputable escort agency has very high standards for selecting both escorts and clients, so you need not worry about the quality of the services that you will be paying for. You can find the most beautiful and smart girls with a warm personality in those escort agency.
The following are some best escort agency or massage agencies in beijing where you can find the most beautiful escort girls or massage girls.

1. Jucie escort
Jucie Top Escorts are pleased to introduce to you the very best of Body-to-Body massage, Sensual Massage and Tantric massage with our selection of Beijing based escorts – all available exclusively for you. We pride ourselves on the best Girls in Beijing.
So please pick your perfect companion and call on +86 188 1089 8422.

2. Pearl Beijing Massage
There are 5 good reasons why PEARL Beijing ® has been voted the best sensual tantric massage company in Beijing for the past 5 years.
We only employ the most stunningly beautiful, young, educated and sophisticated sensual masseuses in the Capital.
By being No.1, everyone wants to work for us, but we only employ the best of the very best for your erotic pleasure.
Try for yourself – fully naked body-to-body massage doesn’t get better than this.
Phone: +86 135-5269-2743

3. Golden Beijing Escort
Golden Beijing Escort is a Beijing Escort agency specialising in the most beautiful Escorts in Beijing.
They have escorts girl from china. Every one of them are professional escorts and stunning in their appearance. As lovers of Chinese woman will know Beijing ladies are very attentive and hospitable which is why they are so highly praised all over the world.
If this is your first time considering an Beijing Escort for your date you are in for a real treat. You will definitely notice the difference, their willingness to please means they always go the extra mile and you will definitely not be disappointed.
Phone: 1367 1109 722

4. Spice Beijing Escort
Spice Escort provides a personable “boutique-style” girlfriend experience, coupled with unparalleled service for our discriminating clientele.
“The more opportunities you have to meet quality models, the greater the probability of finding the companion of your dreams….and nothing is beyond your wildest dreams at Beijing Spice Escort.”Only Beijing Spice Escort has the experience, the knowledge, the reputation and the resources… We have what it takes to find you the illusive women you have been seeking.If you are truly serious about engaging a professional agency you can really trust Beijing Spice Escort !
Phone: 138-1141-7726

5.Soulmate escort
Beijing Soulmate escort agency expects very high standards from our beijing escorts and beijing escort to ensure we retain our status as the leading beijing escort service in Beijing offering an unforgettable experience with every one of Beijing Model escorts.They are happy to provide both Beijing outcall throughout the Capital. They will also visit your Beijing hotel or home 24/7 with the utmost discretion.
Phone: 188-1089-7355

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Beijing Karaoke Bars

April 5th, 2014 — 9:56am

ktvKaraoke bars are often full of women who’ll sit and chat to you for a fee. Some of them will also accompany you to bed. If the karaoke bar is in a hotel then you’ll be expected to retire to one of the hotel’s rooms, if not then you take her back to your hotel or apartment.
There are two kinds of KTVs you can find in Bejing and China:
Some only provide rooms with music, screen and so on (for example the famous brand Hao Le Di)
Another style are the KTVs, where you also “book” KTV Girls for entertainment while you are “singing” in the room.
What will happen in a Beijing KTV
Normally when you enter a KTV, you will see countless pretty girls. You first will book a room for you and your friends (KTV is not a entertainment only for one, so better go there with some friends).
Tip: Best time to go to a KTV is around 8 pm. If you are too late, they will have less selection of girls.
The big KTVs will provide rooms for small groups (2 to 3 guys), up to big rooms for 30 and more people.
After you booked the room, there will show up a “mamasan” that can provide the girls you need. She will built up a line with girls (5 to 10) for you now. If you like them, you can pick out one or two, if not, just tell her and she will built up a new girls line for you. Don`t be afraid, they will nearly never running out of girl, so here you can be picky and ask for more and more selection.
Tip: if you like to take out the girl, better tell it in advanced, because not all the girls will go home with their customers later.
Than you will be asked for order drinks. Most KTV serve bottles for a reasonable price, so don`t be afraid about beeing cheated here (exept you are in a illegal KTV, here they will cheat you with drinks).
Now it is up to you to spend a hot evening with your friends and the girls.
There will not happen a lot in the KTV, because first it`s a legal business, second most rooms will have windows, so everyone can see what happen inside, if he pass by. Also waiter and so on will come in from time to time. Sometimes, if you have a good party and the girls get drunken, you will get some strip show or contest of the girls, but don`t expect too much. Normally, if the athmosphere is ok, you will have a chance for kissing or touching, but not much more.
But if you like the girl and the girl like you, than you will have a good chance to take out the girl. KTV normally will closed from around midnight to 2 pm, than for some extra tip, you can go to your hotel with your girl together.
Tip: Most of the girls in a KTV are not “professionals”, so you have a chance for a great girlfriend experience. They search for a potential lover or husband there (even it will be only a dream), so if you tell them, you stay more time in Beijing and you don`t have family, you have a much better chance to get real fun.
Rates of Beijing KTVs
If you calculate your budget for a KTV night, you have to check out different rates.
There will be a room fee for rent the KTV-Location. Most time it is combined with some mimimum spend out for drinks. The room fee related to the size and enviroment, so if you share it with some guys, it will be ok, if you pay it for ony one person, it`s not cheap. Beijing KTVs will charge around RMB 600,- up to RMB 1500,- for a average room.
Then you have to pay a hostess fee for every girl stay the evening with you in the KTV-Room. Most Beijing KTVs will charge between RMB 200,- up to RMB 500,- for a high class girl in a high class KTV.
Most time the girls will be arranged by a “Mamasan”. This woman (normally they worked as a KTV-Girl before, now getting older and only coordinate the Girls. For your mamasan you should calculate between RMB 300,- up to RMB 500,- for a high class KTV. (This fee hast to be paid one time, not for every girl or every customer)
Also the Waiter and the DJ (the girl that controls the karaoke computer) will be charged with some extra fee. For that you should calculate around RMB 100,- up to RMB 200,- in a expensive location.
If you want to go out with your girl, you have to clear that deal with the girl directly (even she has to pay some comission to her “mamasan”. For a short time, you should calculate around RMB 800,- up to RMB 2500,- for a very hot and beautiful girl in a uperclass beijing KTV. If you like to stay overnight with the girl, she will agree with around RMB 1000,- up to to RMB 4000,- in a high class beijing KTV.
So all together a evening with some friends in a KTV with some friends together and including everything, you can have a good girl friend experience for around RMB 2000,- up to RMB 5000,-. You have to spend much more than for a escort massage girl, but you also will have some advantage:
First you can select the girl from a huge selection. Second the girl will not be a professional and offer a much more girlfriend-like experience. Third the girl will have built up a “relationship” already, before you go out, also she will be drunken that time, so the night should be much more hot and horny.

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